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XML stands for "eXtensible Markup Language".

The difference with HTML is the X to "eXtensible".

With XML, a webmaster can create his own tags, the way he needs them to work. So that he displays content exactly the way he want it to look like.

The challenge is to design a XML page so that everybody – with different types of computer – can see it the same way.
XML is a more complex language than HTML. It requires serious computer knowledge.

At the beginning XML was a development of the former standard SGML, but now XML is the universal standard language to manage data online.

Such as HTML, XML has two tags, an entry tag and an exit tag. The first tag of the page is <XML>, replacing <HTML>, to instruct that the page is in XML language.

XML is strongly recommended by W3C, the consortium that manages the Internet. By the way, the W3C web site, the example to look after, is written in XML.

XML is used for:

  • E-commerce
  • Management of data and files
  • Intranet

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