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Graphics for a web site

A page filled with text, either on paper or on screen, paradoxically does not encourage people to read it. Putting an image or a drawing increases interest and curiosity.

However, too many images do not make the page clear enough to read it, and above all slow down the downloading of the page :

Waiting = Frustration = Discontent = Loosing a visitor

Maximum size

KO size on the server Pixel size on screen
Web image 30


The best image is the one that summarize the content of the page in just one glimpse. You can also create the best image by building a – short – story based on the content of the page. Use a digital camera, work with clip arts, look at copyright free pictures such as paintings from the masters.

It is obviously not a good idea to steal pictures from someone else’s web site. It is not self-satisfactory, not professional at all, and above all illegal!

On the other hand, it is generally allowed to modify an image in such a way that its creator does not recognize it, you can after that freely use your "creation”.

The Web needs pictures that load very fast. The Web also needs standards that everybody use. 3 kind of graphic standards live together on the Web. Gif, Jpeg and sometimes Png. They fill each of them a specific need we have.

Gif Drawing Gif
Jpeg Picture Jpeg
Png Compressed drawing Png

You need a graphic software to create, modify and prepare an image ready for the Web.

The most popular graphic software is Adobe Photoshop. It masters pictures editing. With this software you can create easily pictures of professional quality. But Photoshop is quite expensive. The price is about $600.

Fortunately enough, webmasters can find free or inexpensive software so that they can prepare good quality pictures without spending too much. Gimp and Photo Plus are the best of them.

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