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Design a web site using web languages

Authoring softwares are easy to use. Today, you don’t need to be a specialist to create a web site, everybody can do it.

You don’t need to know a computer language to make a successful web site.

However, a knowledge of what you can or can’t do is needed with these softwares.

The most important language is HTML. It is the standard language on the web. Just like most of the other languages, HTML works with tags. They tell to the browser instructions of the codes zone they cover.

A tag has always an entry and an exit. Let’s take the example of the Head tag where you can put the title of the page, the entry tag is <head>, the exit tag is </head>. In between there are all the Head information such as title, description, keywords and scripts.

Other languages such as PHP or XML offer more features and are increasingly popular.

The most important languages on the Web are :

Language Type Note
HTML Static The standard language and the preferred language of search engines
PHP Dynamic Easy and reliable for any board or interactive web site
XML Dynamic For e-commerce and database
ASP Dynamic Customize your web site
dHTML Dynamic Add more style to the site
CSS Dynamic Even more style
JAVASCRIPT Static / Dynamic Client-based script, there is nothing to install on the server
CGI-BIN Static / Dynamic Send information
JAVA Static Improve the design
Flash Static / Dynamic Animation and sound

Tool: Web colors table

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