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CSS stands for "Cascading Style Sheet".

CSS is interesting to:

  • Improve the style of a page
  • Change and update the style of a web site easily

CSS offers a better control over text and paragraph than HTML for font, size, color, location, space, margin, etc.

CSS is used in three different ways:

- on a text area

<P style="font : 16pt verdana"> This text is in Verdana 16 points</P>

This text is in Verdana 16 points

- on a whole page

Codes are put at the top of the page in the <HEAD > tag between the <STYLE> and </STYLE> tags

- on a whole site

The codes are put in a central file called central.css on the hosting server.

Then, a CSS tag is put whenever the style needs to apply to a page, a paragraph, a sentence or even a word.

The <LINK> tag called the central file to distribute the style instructions to the required area:

<LINK REL="STYLESHEET" HREF="style.css" TYPE="text/css">

This way, a change on the central file can be distributed automatically to all pages and areas with the <LINK> tag.

Today, almost every browser fully works with CSS. Amazon.com uses CSS in addition to HTML.

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