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Test the site before launching it
and listen to testers

The goal of testing a web site before releasing it is not only to find mistakes and bugs but also to verify that the audience is happy with the site.

What seems obvious to you may not be for your neighbor.

Everybody has his own and personal way to use a web site. Some will pay attention to the text, others to the title and some are only looking for pictures. And there is always someone who looks for a search engine box first!

The different steps to test a web site are:

1: Organize a testers group, the closest as possible to the audience target. Offer a gift or money for their service. The best thing is to organize a test during the design process and another one just before launching the site.

2: Prepare a scenario (it can be buy a product, look for special offers, subscribe to the newsletter, etc), submit the scenario to the testers.

3: Analyze very carefully what the testers are doing (if possible get them on video to analyze several times). Are they blocked somewhere, why ? Don’t they understand what you mean ? Is the navigation not straightforward enough ?

4: Listen to the testers and motivate them to submit alternatives in order to resolve the problem.

5: Adapt the site based on the test results. A test will never give the results you expect. If it does it means that the test was not well executed.


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