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Web Site Functionalities

To offer quality content is a very good idea.

Offering the same quality content in an interactive and convivial way is better. The user feels welcome and can participate.

However it is useless to provide a functionality if it does not enhance the content. Webmasters need to identify a need and find a functionality to answer this need. He can identify this need by reading carefully users feedback, checking statistics usage and putting a survey on the web site.

Here are a few examples of functionalities webmasters can adapt on their web sites. Most of the time, they need to install a script on the hosting server. Many other functionalities are out there to answer any kind of need.

Functionality Why? Advise
Search a web site A lot of content
Complex navigation
Users leave the web site after 1 or 2 pages
Offer the 10 most popular queries by default
E-commerce Sell a product or a service Test several e-commerce softwares before
Subscription Newsletter Choose a script that can manage subscription and newsletter process at the same time
Survey Know what the users really want People like to give their opinion
Guest book Give freedom of speech to users Less powerful than a survey
Board Create a community based on a specific topic A great tool if and only you are ready to leave a little bit of ownership and control to users
Drop-down menu Add style Maybe it can improve the navigation
Recommendation Viral marketing Ask users to send an invitation to relatives, friends and colleagues, it is free !
Image map More design

Helpful to split an image into several clickable areas for : navigation, map, game


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