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10 golden rules for search engine optimization

1: A specific title for each page

2: A rich description meta tag full of keywords and easy to read

3: The keyword in the title, description, content, internal and external links

4: Use the same keyword, day after day, month after month, year after year

5: No excess, no cheat, let the quality of your content show up

6: Put textual navigation on the home page, no graphical navigation

7: A descriptive navigation, with keywords

8: Motivate other webmasters to link to your site. Give them the wording of the link, including the keyword of course

9: Submit the site to specialized directories, enter the keyword as title and/or link's name

10: Check for new search engines, directories and other web sites. Submit a link to your site.

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gives you some advices to manage a web site:

1: Choose the right keyword

2: Know your visitors

3: Optimize for search engines

4: Communicate:
external links - press release - internet partnership - online marketing - offline marketing

5: Buy visitors


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