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The press is talking about your web site

Journalists are important people. Just one review in a newspaper or magazine can generate thousands of visits. It is an interesting marketing tool that is cheap or even free. Unfortunately journalists are always busy and never have time to waste.

It is required to use a clever approach and hope that they will be interested.

Tips to write, send and publish a press release :

1: Write a press release

The goal of a press release is to inform. It is not a piece of advertising. Therefore, sale lingo is prohibited.

4 or 5 paragraphs: the first paragraph is the most important. Journalists do not have time. The first paragraph should give them the motivation to read further.

2: Find journalists contacts

  • Online, in media specialized directories
  • In media web sites
  • In print magazines and newspapers
  • With journalists union, association, media centre

On the Internet, we can find quite easily journalists emails. Sending a press release to a journalist or a magazine that is not related to the topic of the release is a waste of time for everybody.

It is not recommended to send the same release to many journalists of the same paper. If the release is interesting, it may generate conflict between journalists. If the release is not interesting, it may generate very negative reactions. Select carefully contacts. Bet on quality not quantity.

3: Send the press release

Tips to send a press release to journalists:

  • No attachment
  • By email, in text format, no html
  • It is useless to send the same message to 10 journalists of the same media, 1 or 2 is way enough

4: Communicate with journalists

Answer fast to enquiries, journalists don't have time to waste.

Offer to provide pictures to illustrate the article.

Call strategic and important journalists.

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2: Know your visitors

3: Optimize for search engines

4: Communicate:
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