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Site content

Content is king.

Content is the reason why people visit web sites.

Content can take various forms based on the type of site : product information, manufacturing information, frequently asked questions, buying guide, discussion board, images gallery, music, etc. Content is always the substance of any web site.

This is the reason why good quality content can increase the chance to convert users into regular visiters, long term users and eventually satisfied customers.

Here are advice on hows to write a good piece of content on the Web:

- easy to read, with only a few lines per paragraph

- between 50 to 200 words per page

- give a clear and relevant title to each page based on its content

- no jargon or lingo, unless you give an explanation for each cryptic word you may use

- use a direct style, don’t hesitate to be personal with the audience (1 to 1 vs 1 to many)

- check the spelling

- use Verdana or Arial fonts. Times New Roman is fine on paper but does not work on screen. Webmaster-now uses Verdana

Have a look at the Webmaster-now style guide

People like to read practical information, history and background, real stories, personal experience, and everything or anything they don’t already know. Your goal is to make them be known about.

A site with good quality content, complete, regularly updated, can become a favorite web site, converting first time users into regular visitors.

Such content leads to success if and only if architecture and promotion spread the word that there is a good quality web site around. In order to do that, you need to find the right keyword, relevant to that specific content. Learn more about the keyword.

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Webmaster-Now gives you some advices to create a web site:

1: What are your web site goals?

2: Navigation and architecture

3: Content is king you are here!

4: Graphics for a web site

5: Design a web site, use web languages

6: Web site functionalities

7: Authoring software to create a web site

8: Usability: 10 rules for an easy-to-use web site

9: Test the site before launching it

10: Launch the web site


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