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Style guide

Webmaster-now web site

This page details the style and formats used on Webmaster-now web site at

Gif: 445x72 pixels
Font: Greg's Hand, 53 points
Location: http://www.webmaster-now.com/pict/webmaster-now.gif

Page's format:

3 rows details:

Logo's row: 80 pixels height
Menu's row: backroung color #CC0000, font color #FFFFFF
Main row: 5 columns

5 columns details:

Left column: 140 pixels width, navigation menu

Column: 5% width, plain

Center column: relative width, content

Column: 5% width, plain

Right column: 130 pixels width, advertising

Text format:

Font: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica

Title: size 3, bold

Text: size 3, normal

Navigation format:

Font: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica
Link color: #0000CC
Active link color: #CC0000

Top navigation menu: color #FFFFFF, size 2, bold

Left navigation menu:
1st level of navigation: size 4, bold
2 nd level of navigation: size 2, bold
3rd level of navigation: size 1, bold
Active page link: color #CC0000, underline

Center navigation menu:
Breadcrumb: size 1, normal
Breadcrumb, active page: size 1, bold
Content: underline, normal
Internal navigation: numbered, size 2, bold
Internal navigation, active page: color #CC0000


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