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HTML: Hypertext

Hypertext allows us to move from one page or web site to another. When you click on a hypertext link, you go to a different place of the web.

The hypertext link is created with the <A> tag.

It doesn't matter if the link is internal or external. The <A> tag applies to all kind of links, to another page of the site, or to another site of the web, or even to give an email address.

To create a link, you open the tag and give the link localization such as:

<a href="internal_or_external_link.htm">

Then you enter the name of the link, the way the visitors will see it:

Learn more about link name to optimize search engine ranking

Then you close the tag with:



Link to the Markup / Instruction page on this site (internal link):

<a href="html_instruction.htm"> Link to the Markup / Instruction page on this site</A>

Link to Guide-Webmaster (external link):

<a href="http://www.guide-webmaster.com/">Link to Guide-Webmaster</A>


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