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Paid site

Using a web site is free most of the time.

moneyBut sometimes webmasters can decide to restrict the access to the content. The key thing is to know if users are ready or not to pay for a specific content.

If another web site offers the same kind of content for free, satisfying users, a paid site will have a lot of trouble to find an audience ready to pay.

People are willing to pay for a content that is so good that they cannot find it elsewhere, if the price is not too expensive for the value.

How can I make users pay ?

It is possible to restrict only a part of the web site – the best part – and to leave the other free of charge. The free content attracts users to the paid content.

Traditional communication companies (newspaper, magazine, radio, tv) are the most important producer of paid content. They extend to the Web their terminology of a subscriber.

Adult web sites are also for a most part paid.

Some references and resources web sites try to follow the path and ask users to pay in order to access their content.

For a paid site, a webmaster needs to build a dynamic site to identify and remember customers, and to enroll prospects.

4 revenue types can be found on the Web:

- Sell a product or service by yourself (e-commerce)

- Sell a product or service with a partner (affiliation)

- Put advertising on the site

- Provide a paid site or paid content


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