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Domain name

The domain name is an essential part of the quest towards a successful web site. If the company is not well known, it is because of the content on the site that visitors will come.

In order for them to come, a good keyword and a good domain name are the best business card you can find.

First of all, the keyword in the domain name is the best choice ever.

Learn more about the keyword here

A good domain name is:

  • short
  • simple
  • easy to remember so that users can find it back easily
  • and easy to give way
  • descriptive
  • attractive

If your domain name has several words, it is better to separate them with an hyphen so that it is easier to read and to remember.

http://www.webmaster-now.com vs http://www. webmasternow.com

Then, it is recommended to follow the structure of the domain name in all communication pieces online and offline, on the web site and with emails. Every time you mention the web site. Always put the hyphen if there is one, or .net or .org if it is not a .com domain name.

Less efforts you ask for the user to enter the domain name, more visits you will get !

Where can I buy a domain name ?

DirectNic: a .com domain name costs $15 per year. Fast and reliable services.


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