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How can I make an user pay ?

Usually, subscription fees are low. Specially if the price is for a page or a download. Most of the time, less than $5 and even less than $1. The name of this kind of payment is micro-payment.

In Europe Webmaster-now recommends AlloPass.

And elsewhere and in the USA, Webmaster-now recommends PayPal.

With AlloPass, the user dials on his phone a number shown on the screen that gives a code to unlock the content. The user pays a cost that appear on the phone bill.

AlloPass pays the webmaster back with a fraction of the price paid by the user.


AlloPass offers two different types of price in France.

User pays 0,56 Euros. Webmaster earns 0,24 Euros (excluding VAT).

User pays 1,68 Euros. Webmaster earns 1 Euros (excluding VAT).

The offer is flexible enough to:

  • adapt to either web sites and mobile
  • payment by phone in about 15 countries
  • for other countries not eligible, it is possible to pay with a credit card

AlloPass is the european micro-payment leader. Already 50,000 webmasters use their service. Click here to learn more.

4 revenue types can be found on the Web:

- Sell a product or service by yourself (e-commerce)

- Sell a product or service with a partner (affiliation)

- Put advertising on the site

- Provide a paid site or paid content


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