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Make money with e-commerce

Sell a product or service online is easy and less risky today than it was before. If and only the logistic chain gets a lot of attention.

E-commerce is the sale of a product or a service, displayed, bought and paid electronically (and distributed electronically for software, music, ticket, e-book, hosting and Internet services, etc).

Two types of e-commerce coexist on the Web:

- Manufacturer sells directly his product or range of products on the Web.

- Distributor sells one manufacturer's products or mode widely a range of products from different brands.

In order to sell online, you need:

  • one or a range of products and services
  • an e-commerce software
  • a secured server
  • a logistic center
  • a customer support center
  • and a – marketing – message to sell the product (the unique selling proposition)

The user will buy and convert into a customer if:

  • he/she trusts the web site and the company operating it
  • he/she understands what need the product or service fulfill, what will it to do to him/her (some good reasons to buy it)
  • other customers give their feedback and recommend the product, service, web site, and company
  • he/she is confident with the efficiency of logistic and customer support
  • the purchase process is simple and do not ask too much efforts/thinking from the user

4 revenue types can be found on the Web:

- Sell a product or service by yourself (e-commerce)

- Sell a product or service with a partner (affiliation)

- Put advertising on the site

- Provide a paid site or paid content

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