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Online advertising

Advertising is the most effective way to convert site's popularity into money.

Advertising suits better quality content and popular sites.

The goal is to find advertisers that are interested in the users' profile.

Site Audience Advertisers
Wine guide Wine lovers Wine shop
Wine cooler
Cellar software
Wine country travel

The price depends on the advertising model between:


Impression is often used with mass-advertisement. The measurement used is the thousand impressions or advertisement views (CPM). The webmaster earns money each time the advertisement has been seen one thousand times. This kind of advertisement is suitablel if the advertisement is not closely linked with the content. The impression model works also well for large – no specialized– audience of at least several hundreds thousand visits per month. The price is between $0.2 to $5 per 1 CPM (1 thousand banner ad views)


The click model is more precise. The webmaster earns money each time an user click on a banner ad or text ad. This suits good quality content site with a specialized audience that advertisers can target easily. The price varies from $0.2 to $25 a click. $25 for high quality and expensive product or service.

Because it is far too complicated to ask one after another potential advertisers, ad networks act as intermediary.

The most popular ad networks are:
Advertisement network Type Note
Google Adsense Click Google technology is based on keyword and relevancy. They identify a web page with relevant keywords and distribute ads based on these keywords
The best network in the place
Take about 40% of commission
Overture/Yahoo Click Aim only huge traffic web site (+100 000 visits per month)
Pay less than Google
It seems that Yahoo is planning to launch a network targeted towards small and medium web sites
FastClick Impression Only 3 000 impressions per month minimum required
Low revenue
Tribal Fusion Impression

1 000 impressions per day required
Take 45% of commission
Good choice for 728x90 banner ads

4 revenue types can be found on the Web:

- Sell a product or service by yourself (e-commerce)

- Sell a product or service with a partner (affiliation)

- Put advertising on the site

- Provide a paid site or paid content


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