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Interactive or membership web site

The interactive or membership web sites rely on their members and users to create and update content.

Example of interactive and membership web sites:

Discussion board
The most common type of site. Some of them have several thousand members. The members decide by themselves the different topics and influence very much where the web site is going to.

The site is managed, updated and visited by a limited group of people called the members.

Links, topics, people, products and even web sites are sorted out based on the members' vote.

Comparison / Benchmark
The site sorts products based on relevant standards, most of the time the price.

The webmaster of a membership or interactive site needs to be ready to leave a part of the ownership of the site to members and content providers.

Interactive and membership sites work only with dynamic languages. Html is not a suitable language for this kind of sites. Webmasters usually use ASP, XML or PHP.

The membership site is easy to maintain as visitors provide content. The webmaster needs to find a way to control the content flow and sometimes ban a message or a user. He also needs to motivate people to write, start new topics and give relevant answers.

Membership and interactive sites work only if there is enough activity to satisfy its users.

Please note that the promotion and marketing outside of the Internet work well with this kind of site. Maybe because it is easier to identify the target?

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