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Your keyword

We should say keywords as it is possible to have several words and several keywords but we will try not get too complicated right now. Actually, we can say that there are two kinds of keywords :

- The homepage keyword : a summary of the site
- The other keywords (on other pages) : a summary of each page

The « keyword » is a summary of the site or the page in one word or a few words (between 1 and 5 words):

- 1 word = large audience, strong competition, diverse needs
- 2 or 3 words = average audience, average competition, specific needs
- more words = small audience, little competition, single need

With a little bit of homework, quality content, and steadiness, a keyword of 2 to 3 words is an excellent choice to make a successful web site. An average audience on the Internet means several thousand people per month !

A 1-word keyword is a winner if the competition is not fierce. Honestly, it is already the case for almost all of them !

A keyword with several words is the opportunity to let the web site known for what it really is to the people that are really interested in.

What should you put in the keyword ?

- Your name : only if it is important to find the site through your name. This is relevant for : company, artist, well known person. Don’t forget that on the Internet very few people know you.

- Your expertise : Are you a champion in something ? Right, you should be able to produce quality content related to your expertise. Now, everybody should know that. Not about you, but about your expertise based on the content of the site. You will take the ownership of your expertise if the competition has not already done so !

- Your product : If you sell a DVD player under the keyword "brand X”, only the people interested in the brand X will visit your page. If you sell the same product under the keyword “DVD player brand X”, you will attract also the people interested in any DVD player. Is the product unique ? Does it feature something that others don’t ? Does it do it better ? Is it cheaper ? The more specific the keyword is to the need of the people, the more important the number of targeted visitorss will be, and eventually leading to more sales.

- Your content : Every page is an effort. Every page is specific, has something different compare to the other pages. Let the search engines know that the page is unique.

Beside the home page, every single page deserves a specific keyword, that attracts interested people. Put the keyword in the <title> tag, the “description” and “keywords” meta tags, in the name of the html file, in the navigation. Learn more about search engines optimization

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