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Why am I doing a web site ?

websiteIn order to find the right keyword, it is necessary to give an accurate answer to the following question:

Why are the people visiting the site ?

The reason why you are doing a web site and the reason why web users are visiting it should be closely linked together to form a single one element we call: the keyword.

Is the web site a:

- Information and Presentation web site

- E-commerce web site

- Interactive web site

Whatever the topic of the web site is. The reason why you decided to make it should fill a visitors need.

right keyword = idea/topic = potential visitors = satisfied visitors

If the site fills a visitors need, you are on the perfect path. Now you need to satisfy this need. This way, you win a regular and happy visitor.

If the site does not answer the need, perhaps it means that the reason behind the site does not appeal to many people!

In the following example, the keyword “French wine” answers a need but does not satisfy visitors:

The site http://www.terroir-france.com
Why ? French wine information
Target ? People interested in french wine
Content ? Information on wine making, regions, grape varieties, classification, etc.
Keyword ? French Wine
Check the ranking with Google
Visitors About 60,000 per month
Comments The site fills the need of general information on wines from France. But the traffic is stable because they are not so many regular visitors.
Maybe they are looking for something else ? A guide to buy french wine for instance. Or tasting notes.
« french wine information » seems a more accurate keyword to satisfy users. However, because “french wine” attracts many people, it works fine.
The goal is to find the balance between number of visits and satisfaction of users.

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