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The regular visitor

A regular visitor worths 100 first time visitors. He is the one a webmaster can make most money with.

The benefits of having a regular visitor are:

  • visit regularly the site
  • buy regularly on the site
  • recommend the site to others
  • subscribe to the newsletter
  • participate in contest, survey, game, board, etc
  • all these at the same cost as someone else who stayed only a few seconds on the same web site !

How can I recognize a regular visitor ?

It is quite difficult to estimate precisely how many regular visitors visit a web site, at least with the current statistics software. But with a software such as Web Trends and with cookies on visitors' computers, the estimate is much more precise.

Suggestions to convert a first time visitor into a regular visitor:

  • provide quality content
  • with an attractive design
  • and an easy to use and to understand navigation
  • with a keyword targeted to the needs of the audience target
  • put special offers up front
  • for a limited time, in order to create a sense of urgency
  • publish a newsletter
  • organize a contest
  • build content as a TV serial
  • update the site very regularly
  • offer an email alert to let users know about new features and content
  • give on the home page a list of new content
  • manage a news section with links to news articles
  • manage a list of links useful to users (and not only to search engines)
  • and in one word, make your site feel alive !

Learn about statistics:

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- Statistics reliability

gives you some advices to manage a web site:

1: Choose the right keyword

2: Know your visitors

3: Optimize for search engines

4: Communicate:
external links - press release - internet partnership - online marketing - offline marketing

5: Buy visitors


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