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Links campaign

The reciprocal links campaign includes :

A links page on your site
Keep the same style as other pages on the site. Sort links into sections. Give an opinion on each link.

Find links
Type in a keyword on a search engine. Select the first 10 results. Visit each of them and evaluate.
It is also possible to find interesting sites through specialized directories. Take the opportunity to submit your own web site by the way.
You can also ask users through an online survey what sites they enjoy the most. It is an excellent way to identify potential partners.

Select links
Sites should include the following elements :

  • Provide quality content
  • Have a link page updated regularly
  • Don't have too many links on this page, quality is always better than quantity
  • Provide contact details, at least an email address, to contact the webmaster
  • Choose sites with a Google Page Rank equal or higher than yours. The page rank is available with the Google toolbar: learn more about Google

Format links
The wording of the link is very important to optimize the site for search engines. Link wording is one of the way search engines use to identify what the site or the page is talking about.


What is the most precise link ?

  • Webmaster-now, guide and tools to build a successful web site
  • Just another web site

Contact the webmaster
It is recommended to put a link first on your site before asking a webmaster to do the same. Try to personalize the message, mention a few points you like on the site.

It is strongly recommended to give to the webmaster the link wording you want in return. This way you can control the words used in the link, the same words search engines will find later. Check the URL you give before sending the message.

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2: Know your visitors

3: Optimize for search engines

4: Communicate:
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