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First time visitor

We have to acknowledge the fact: most of the people do not come back to a web site.

Why are visitors not coming back ?

Analyze statistics
What are the pages they leave from ?
Do you have pages where 30 % of the viewers leave?
How many pages are visited per user?
How many time do users spend on the site?

Ask visitors
Let the people say what they don't like about the site, what is missing, what is useless, what can be improved, through an online survey conducted on the site.


Why is the visitor not coming back ? Tips
The site is not talking about what he promised in the external link and description Adapt the keyword (the promise)
Improve the content
The visitor is not satisfied with the site Change the design
Improve content, graphics and navigation
The visitor found a better web site elsewhere Analyze the competition
Add content, services and products
The site is too slow Reduce the graphics' size
Cut the page into two or three distinct pages
The visitor cannot find what he is looking for Add or improve the internal search engine
Change the navigation
Adapt the keyword

The challenge is to convert a first time visitor into a regular visitor who will come back often, buy regularly and recommend the site to others.

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gives you some advices to manage a web site:

1: Choose the right keyword

2: Know your visitors

3: Optimize for search engines

4: Communicate:
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5: Buy visitors


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