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Email advertising

The advertising message send by email is still one of the most efficient if used carefully. If not, the message is spam and is the worst way to promote a web site.

Email advertising example:

Sending to 1 million non targeted addresses :

People don't give their agreement to receive ads. This sending is spam. The best way to ruin a reputation.

Only 1 out of 100 read the message = 10 000
Only 1 out of 10,000 click on the link = 100
Only 1 out of 1,000,000 buy = 1 sale

Sending to 10,000 targeted addresses :

People give their agreement to receive ads for a specific category of products and services. These people are regular customers of products and services in their category of interest. This is the reason why they like to receive ads.

1 out of 4 read the message = 2 500
1 out of 10 click on the link = 1 000
1 out of 100 buy = 100 sales

Specialized companies provide targeted lists of emails you can rent to send the message.

A list costs between $20 and $200 for 1,000 email addresses (or between $0.25 to $2 per individual email address).

A spam list costs $20 for 1 million untargeted email addresses.

Obviously, Webmaster-Now does not promote using such spam lists. They bring nothing positive and destroy all reputation, as small as a reputation can be.

The different steps to send an advertising email are:

1: Identify one or several categories

2: Find a broker who rent targeted addresses such as:
- Postmaster Direct
- Yes Mail

3: Select the addresses categories available based on your first selection

4: Create an entry page on your site and put the link in your ad's message and nowhere else. This way, you can measure the success of the ad campaign.

Example: duplicate the home page and rename it to


Put this link in the ad message. People who visit this page are only people clicking on the link in the ad.

5: Write the message. No lingo. No useless content. Go straight to the point. In a personal style. You talk directly, on one to one, with the reader. Show benefits. No more than 200 words. Do not forget to put the URL of the entry page.

6: Choose a title that build trust, fear to loose something if they don't open, give pleasure, create curiosity, show urgency or scarcity, take advantage of a competitive price. We decide to read an email because of its title if we don't know the sender.

7: Send the message individually to a group test first (10% of the total group).

8: If people visit the entry page, send the email to the others. Otherwise modify and test again.

Another idea is to collect email addresses from customers and users of the site through a newsletter, an order, a contest or a survey. The subscription form should inform users that they may receive advertising emails from the site. If your site does not inform that you can sell the email list to others, do not break the promise !

The most important thing is to respect the agreement you have with users and to keep the promises binding you to them. They will give you back more than you can expect if you play the game, turning into regular visitors and then into happy customers.

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