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Hosting services features

These are the features to check with a hosting provider :

Features Recommendation
Disk space 10 pages: less than 1 mega
100 pages: between 5 and 7 megas
1 000 pages: between 50 and 70 megas
10 000 pages: between 500 and 700 megas
1 000 visits/months: less than 1 giga
10 000 visit: between 5 and 7 gigas
20 000 visit: between 9 and 14 gigas
100 000 visit: between 50 and 70 gigas
Scripts The webmaster has authorization to install cgi-script by himself on the hosting server.
The folder where cgi-scripts are uploaded authorize data writing.
Security The webmaster can change the access authorization for each file and folder.
SSL is needed for e-commerce web site only.
Audio / Video Streaming audio and video only requires to install an extension on the hosting server.
The cost is between $10 to 25
Audio and video streaming spend a lot of bandwidth: check the server performance.
Database Most of the time, the provider needs to install the MySQL extension on the server.
This extension will corrupt the database from time to time, technical support is a main concern and must be efficient.
Support A good technical support should answer back in less than 24 hours with a solution.
Test several supports before deciding.
Price Beware of hidden costs : set up, audio/video, statistics, etc.

The different types of Web hosting services are:

- Free hosting

- Shared hosting

- Dedicated hosting

- Colocation hosting

- Compare hosting services

Webmaster-com recommends:

- Hostway (Hostway review)

- iPowerWeb

- Lunarpages

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