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Free hosting services

It is still possible today to find free hosting offers.

However, hosting a web site for free implies several constraints:

- A banner ad, at the top of each page:
The hosting provider earns 100% of the revenue coming from the ads and the webmaster get nothing.

- Limited performance:
A server hosts many web sites, actually more than a paid server. It means less bandwidth. At the end, the web pages take longer to load.

- No domain name:
Some free providers do not allow to use a specific domain name but an extension of their URL such as:

www.provider.com/~mysite or www.mysite.provider.com

- No option and functionality:
It is not always possible to put a script or a software such as board, audio and video.

- No technical support:
Technical support is one of the reasons why a provider is free or not. The support is included in the price with the paid services. It is important to rely on a fast and efficient technical support to resolve problems and issues. Free hosting services do not include such technical support. The webmaster is alone to face issues.

Because there is no reliable free web hosting services that is around for more than 1 year we know of, we cannot recommend any, sorry about that.

The other types of Web hosting services are:

- Shared hosting

- Dedicated hosting

- Colocation hosting

- Compare hosting services

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